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Would you be willing to make me a cover?:grinning:

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Body-copper 03 Brow-arched natural Deep brown Hair-Long feathered brunette brown Eyes- female generic hazel Face-heart defined Nose-defined natural Lips-full heart pouty red deep gloss

Low cut croptopand skirt combo dress satin grey blue Neptune; lace cape stiletto heels leather grey black; ringed long chain necklace metal rose gold; triangle long earrings metal gold; hip rose tattoo

Body-neutral 03 Brow-straight medium black dark Hair-slicked back solid black dark Eyes-male deep sunken green emerald face-chiseled angular nose-male genetic lips-medium heart beige gold matte

Muscle shirt short sleeves swoopneck neutral black; boots rugged leather black; chain accessories ripped jeans denim black; tribal chest tattoo; skull and roses arm tattoo

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What poses would you like and background

A beach background and could you have them standing back to back?

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Sure in a flirty way?

Yes that would be perfect! Thanks!

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I’m in need of a story cover, can you help with that please?

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Yes specific details

Hey, may I request a splash?

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Yeah sure. Details

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Okay :slight_smile:

Skin: Taupe
Hair/color: Short Cropped and black
Eyes/color: Purple and Gentle almond
Noe: Button
Face: Defined triangle
Brows: Thin
Lips/color: Uneven and Taupe

Outfit doesn’t matter, but the character has Black Hipster Glasses and a Tattoo

Background: Doesn’t matter
Text: "Thank you for reading!)
Pose: idle_awkward

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On it

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate it :hearts::sneezing_face:

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Like this or something new


Body: cooper 07
Brow: arched natural black jet
Hair: medium straight black dark
Eyes: deep set false lashes smokey eye brown black
Face: diamond
Nose: round flared upturned
Lips full round pouty
Denim blue side stich jeans
Turtleneck long sleeve sweater cotton
Heels house party leather white

Body: neutral 06
Brow: arched medium black jet
Hair: bald
Eye: male deep sunken brown black
Face: triangle chiseled scruffy beard
Nose: straight flat
Lips: median straight natural tan deep neutral
Tribal sleeve tattoo
Chain accessories rip jeans denim black
Split top slip ons gradient parent leather red
Tight fitted tank top cotton grey black

Body: gold 07
Brow: round soft black jet
Hair: short curly fade black dark
Eyes: deepset downturned green emerald
Face: chiseled angular stubble
Nose: male generic
Lips: full lower lip sharp brown gold
Professor v neck sweater vest cotton red burgundy
boots rugged leather black
jeans baggy wrinkle denim black

background: bar
I’d like Levi and Kree is a deep passionate kiss
with Jaxon rolling his eyes in the background watching

attached some photo for inspiration doesn’t have to be exact
cover%20idea just-friends%202 just%20friends%20kiss just-friends-my-friend

thanks so much

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The name of my story is Truth or Dare
by Jenna Renee
Please add on the cover your tag for credit

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Okay I can have it 7:48, I have to clean