All backgrounds are showing up as black screens! (HAS BEEN FIXED)

Every background I try to add into my script is showing up as a black screen both on my laptop and when I go to review it on the app. At first, I thought maybe it was my personal background, but after, I tried various different episode approved backgrounds and none of them are showing up in my story at all. I’m slightly freaking out? Is anyone else having this issue?

I haven’t encountered that myself. Is it possible there is a script error or you are cut to an unexpected zone? I would submit a support ticket is not.

Wooowww, okay yep, I’m totally dumb and forgot to reset the zoom before going into the next background. Omg, well thank you for solving that haha, I was literally in panic mode for like a half hour trying to figure out what was wrong with my script, or background, because there was literally no errors lol!

Lol, I always try to stay calm… who am I kidding? Something goes wrong I usually freak out for a bit. :joy:

P.S. Tag @Jeremy or @Ryan if your issue is solved.

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