All characters dissappear

I’m new to episodes, and I’ve only finished one and a half story… but I got so inspired to write my own!

Anyway, my problem is… My characters keep dissappearing COMPLETELY. out of the WHOLE story. not even able to select, my character selection is EMPTY. ahhh, I just want to write and write away… but 4/5 times when I open the app there are no characters to edit… sometimes I just write everything ready, and add the character later when they reappear again…

the first time I thought something had happened, and my story was ruined! I got so frustrated. but please help out, I really want to get writing.


All right. To sum this all up. Start Over with choosing and customizing characters again. What device did you use.

I’m using android 7.0

im meaning a mobile device or laptop?

ahh! my mobile, I prefer the hands on editing on it, and edit later on laptop when it’s mostly done

i prefer you use laptop instead of mobile because it can be a bit tricky learning how to start your story using the mobile.

it’s been perfectly fine so far, and I’ve tried both.

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i haven’t started a story on mobile before but i watched some tutorials on it. You can also watch tutorials if you want to and oh ok.

I have watched all the tutorials, before I started.
My problem is not that I do not how to use the app. I know perfectly well.

I’ve made my characters, I’ve used them…etc etc… but now, when I open the app they are gone. they are not visible in my story or in the character selection even.
sometimes rarely they are there again when I open the app.

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Ive u logged out of the app and log back in?

no, but closed it several times. I’ll try this


it did nothing. still no characters.

Well at least that was a try so idk why your characters are disappearing but start editing on your laptop i guess. Idk,

You can try to send a support ticket to the episode team :blush::

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I’m having THE exact same problem!

I made an account just to check this forum for it

It’s depressing! The characters are just gone and I can’t do anything


exactly!! I just wanna keep on creating…

but nice to know I’m not the only one D:


I have one question for this. when writing the ticket, what is the support ID ??

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Thank you so much Alex!!

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