All my stories restarted and its making me mad

my stories restarted every time i get to a point in the story i go to another app i go back on episode and it restarted it from the beginning and i know so many people are having this issue i read somewhere if you have too many stories it messes up or something and in the meantime you should make another account i’ve tried making another account with another facebook account and its a different avatar but i still have the stories i’ve read can anyone help me out?


Same mines was too they told me to delete my app and they said they will tell me when to reinstall it again but they haven’t and it’s making me mad

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I think its their app and they need to update it.

but how because there was a post from years ago


I just recently had that same problem where all my stories that I saved in my favorites were not there anymore and went to the genres to find them to read a story and it started from the beginning and these are stories where I was already on episode 20 or so and I tried to save them to my favorites but when I would go back to the app they were gone again. Also when I would get on the app it always asked me to agree with the terms and conditions. I sent in a complaint and they told me the same thing about they had to restore the app and I had to delete which I did and they would tell me when I could reinstall the app and it’s been almost a week and I still haven’t heard anything from them and I am very upset cause I love episode and I miss reading my stories. It’s like they don’t care

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Same and on top that I had unlimited passes they need fix this ASAP

I know but I don’t know what to do to get this done because I have already sent them several emails asking them to please hurry and fix the problem but they want answer me back so I don’t know what else to do so if have any other suggestions on how to get through to them I would love to hear it

Yeah same they still haven’t wrote me back

To be honest, I thought I was the only one. I sent them multiple messages on Instagram and filed two tickets and they still haven’t fixed the bug or even replied. It’s actually sooo annoying especially how I was waiting for new chapters to come out. Plus I really don’t want to read them again because it will take soo long. I tried to uninstall the app and install it again but nothing worked. I tried replaying the stories but as soon as I exist the app, all the new progress would disappear again and the story would take tooo long to function. Keeps on glitching. PLEASE IF U KNOW HOW TO HELP, PLEASE TELL MEEEE!!!

OMG! Same exact thing is happening to me! Episode really needs to fix this!

Well I’ve been trying to make that happen but not having any luck I don’t know what else to do. How long have you had the problem

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Almost a month

They just told me to flipping reinstall it and I lost my story progress

They haven’t told me anything yet

Yeah that happened to me a few months ago, what you need to is send in a support ticket, but it’s said that you shouldn’t send it in twice, because if not they put you at the bottom of the list.

The process takes a little bit of time.

So did they fix the problem for you and how long did it take them to fix it

has anyone tried to say you’ll sue them if they don’t fix or do things right?