All *Paid* service! (Free Edits, might think for Free Art as well)

HELLO there!

So, I am opening this shop for all paid services.
You might think, What is the meaning of all? … right?
Let me tell you.
For comissions I can do!

  • Artscenes/Covers
  • Advanced Coding
  • Proof reading
  • Drawn PFPs
  • Outros/intros

What I will be doing for Free?

  • Custom edits (including cover/edit/art scenes)
  • Edited pfps
What I may think? to do?

Well, I might think to do your Art for free. If it inspires me and you can’t pay. Simple.
But I would appreciate if you can read my story, in return? (It optional not a rule or anything lol)

well, that’s all for now!
Who will be doing it all?.. Of course! me! I am an all rounder ya know?

Examples and info Below!

Artwork eg
Most recent Art work
Outro artwork

To be honest, I just started doing paid coding and paid proof reading so I don’t have any example of them right now, but will make some examples for sure!! and if you want a link to my story so you can see my coding then pm me!


The examples of Edits!!


I never do something official edits… like doing covers or art scenes… welp! and … not too long ago I started doing Edits… so … hihi…

What you can expect from me in edit?

  • I can’t do more then three characters.
  • Please no hard pose :sob: , I am still learning so, you know?..

Rules for edits

  • Don’t rush me
  • I will take only 5 spots, because I don’t why (I may re-open the edits in future again (soon)
  • You should use the edit at least 8/10 days.
  • Use the password Idk confusing and blur it!
  • Be friendly or respect towards me!!
  • If you wanted something else but you got something else then please just be direct!

*For commissions


For knowing the prices, pm or just ask below!
Taking the cheapest rates!!

Happy requesting!

have a nice day/nights Loves!

If it gets flop then you still see it, bcz I am not gonna hide my failure! :slightly_smiling_face:


Bump! Good luck!


Good luck :heart:


thankyou ! :relaxed:


thankyou girl! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Bumppp, all the best :skull::heart:

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tysm! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :joy:

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