All questions related to character movements, placement etc

Please ask if you have a doubt in anything related to characters, I’d be happy to help.

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I dont have any at this moment, but if i have in the future, I’ll surely tell you. So bookmarked. :sparkling_heart:

Thanks for the confirmation!!
I look forward to hearing from you. :blush: :blush:

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Hi!! Thank you for making a post about this because I really do need help with it. I’m trying to do an animation where a character is falling off a tree branch, but I can’t seem to be able to get him to move across the screen and do the callout_drowning animation (which I’m substituting for a fall). If I could get some advice I would REALLY appreciate it :sparkles::heartpulse:

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let me see…Give me a few minutes… :blush: :blush:

Thank you so much!

Hi there, do you know what is the coding used for the character hand movement to open the door and placing things?

People normally use one of the holdwaist animations/holdhand animations for opening doors and one of the object animations for placing items.

You can search which one of them is right for you by using those keywords in the animation searches and pressing the eye icon is preview the animations. (:

okay thank you so much i seen quite a few story of the character using the hand movement

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And also to ask what is the snippets does it while? can use?

“does it while” is used if you want the character to move to a certain position while doing a certain animation. E.g:

@CHAR walks to spot s x y in s AND CHAR does it while animation

It could be a running animation, walking animation or some other animation really. 🤷

oh i see thanks for your help

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Hello, can i ask 1 simple question as i am trying to make my character hand move while she is like making breakfast may i know what is the snippets to make it to do so?

I’m not exactly sure what you mean. You could try one of the tinker animations for that, the rear one if you want it from behind or have her do a frontal tinker with an overlay covering the bottom half because I think we still only have a kneeling tinker animation for the front.

Also, if you’re trying to ask me questions, you can either tag me or press the arrow on my answer to respond directly to me otherwise I don’t get notified. 🥲 I’ve just been finding your responses by chance.

If you’re just generally asking questions on this thread and not trying to ask me anything, then don’t worry about what I said with the tagging or pressing the arrows. I hope that wasn’t confusing… :full_moon_with_face: