I’ve been told my 2 plus years of progress cannot be restored permanently and only fix is to clear the account. That is not a fix it’s the lazy incompetent way out. So I’m not the only one with this problem. And why all stories should be required to include a skip option. As why should readers have to reread and repay for 30 plus chapters to get back on track!,

Customer service who don’t speak or have a phone number to speak to directly is utter bull!, 4 weeks and counting waiting for reply to restore my game again.

I’ve filed complaints with the proper angenvies and all should do same. They are maki g millions off us and don’t value their customers because they are minors 2who don’t know they have consumer rights


Can check out this thread: FEATURE: Skipping reread

It may be of interest to you^^

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The problem with this would be for stories where choices matter. If you skipped all the episodes, you would miss all the previous choices.
Did you ask for some extra passes? I know this happened to me in the past and I was given some additional passes to get my progress back (I still had to reread).


Sure, a feature like that would be nice but I have a hard time seeing how it would be possible. Especially with stories that contains choices that changes the plot (user stories especially).

I purchase monthly pass. I have numerous stories that have read anywhere between 40 and 60 chapters. So all that money and time spent just to start over again because Episode servers can’t handle it. And there solution is to wipe out my account and start from scratch. That is not a solution, it is an unqualified, unprofessional, disorganized company"s lazy way out.

Almost a month and still waiting for non existent "customer service.

Just think of how many in the same boat as me and who have spent the 10 monthly fee. That equals thousands if not millions of dollars in their pocket. And customers are just suppose to be ok with all the money spent for absolutely nothing. It’s like charging double

Im Filing complaint with BBB, FTC and Attorney General’s Office. There is no way these agencies have not received any complaints on this company. There is no accountability for lack of support , wait times or resolutions.

Only takes a handful for a consumer rights and fraud investigation to commence.

I’m fed up with the clowns that run that circus.

Anita Pescara

Thanks but really doesn’t not help as Inspeaking of skipping the bulk of the story due to Episode having to restore wipeout my account as only solution and having to reread 40 to 60 chapters all over again to catch up

Anita Pescara

I have read stories where I skip previous chapter and I get a prompt from author asking me what my choices were before continuing. So it definitely can be done and not a problem for choices. But the bulk of stories I have read the choices are in blue and not gold and do not matter. Only a handful of stories have choices that matter to storyline.

Anita Pescara