All story progress erased

I left the app for literally 2 seconds and when I came back, all the progress on the stories I have been reading was erased. I filed a support ticket, but does anyone know how long it takes for them to get back to you?
I know there isn’t much I can do right now, but my anxiety is so bad that I feel like I have to vent somewhere :(( i hope everything will be okay

It might seem like I’m overreacting, but episode is one of the few things in my life that relieve stress. I don’t know what to do :(( crying would be overreacting and i just asfh lkasfgkfg df


Hey there @NightshadeStories, they should get back to you in a few days at most. :smiley: Also, crying is a great way to relieve stress, so there’s no shame in crying over something. :wink:


is my problem even fixable? :((

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I can’t say for certain because I’m not very familiar with app issues, so you’ll have to wait for the support team to get back to you. :wink:

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this happened to me! I never got my stories back :pensive: but it could be different with you! dont give up :+1:

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i cant handle having to re-read HUNDREDS of episodes. i’d rather just delete the app :((((


I believe they can sometimes manually place you where you should be in a story, but I’m not 100% certain. Hopefully they get back to you soon :slight_smile:

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they have got back to me and they gave me advice - but i’ve done all that (reset phone, redownload app, etc). i’m really hoping they can pull a divine intervention for me

My game is glitched out, it gets stuck on the loading screen then kicks me out the app. I haven’t been able to play the game for over 5 months😕 it worked once a few months ago but all my progress to almost all the stories I was reading was lost

Literally just happened to me a few days ago ):

I contacted the support team and they told me to delete the app and notify them so they could perform a restore but I haven’t heard back in nearly two days. They’re usually pretty prompt when it comes to issues like these so I’m worried. Seeing these replies is making me lose a lot of hope :unamused:

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I’ve had this app for almost 5 years now and it was working just fine. Up till a few months ago where it started glitching. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling, switching my phone off and on, restoring the app and it still doesn’t work. Now when I try to load in it says there was a problem saving the game.
I think it has something to do with my account cause I’ve tried logging on from different devices and it says the same thing. How do I delete my account or log out. I can’t log out cause I have to get INTO the app first. It’s really starting to annoy me now especially because all of my favourite creators have updated their stories but I can’t read any:(

I asked them if they could do this for me before and they said there is not a way to do it at this time

Hi NightshadeStories, just curious if you ever received any tech support with this issue? I found myself in the same pickle starting two days ago. I tried reinstalling and logging out and in again and even restarting my device. Didn’t work.
Everything.Is. Gone. I wouldn’t be as annoyed or upset if 1.) Episode was 100% free to enjoy (we all know it’s not and invest good money to indulge in it) and 2) Readers & Writers would have been given the common courtesy of some form of community FYI that after reading “X” amount of stories, all your progress will erase which seems to be the cause I read in another post within this site today when seeking answers, (I found old locked forums dating back to May 2018)! My money is in the trash now as the rest of my monthly pass is going to waste during the “wait time”. I did put in a support ticket. I noticed it’s been 25 days, have you yet received any adequate support?

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Yes and my problem was solved. Make sure you don’t send more than one ticket at a time because it will push yours town in the queue. Wait for them to respond and don’t spam them (not saying you are, but this is what they told me)

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Hi, thanks for your response. Glad it worked out for you in your case. Yes. I did only submit one ticket, but honestly, I have a feeling it won’t matter and that I’ll never hear from these people…the customer service department is definitely lacking. Its been a week and I haven’t even received an email in regards to the issue as most upstanding companies would. You, know even if just an automatic bot email stating the following: “Hello! We have received your ticket and will address the issue as soon as possible, as we are backed logged.” or whatever. I won’t hold by breath

The exact exact same thing happened to me and I don’t know what to do

Same it just happend to me and I filed a support ticket but none of the work wont help me

Be patient, they will get back to you

Thxs I am just kinda of upset do you know how long it took

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Less than a week. If you send more than one message it will take longer tho