*all styles contest* And yes, it is possible, here is a tutorial for it in a video on youtube

Hello Pretty People!!!
I decided to Create a Contest, Except one Thing: It’s an ALL STYLES CONTEST!!! It’s Basically, a Contest where stories must Include Two or All Styles. Here’s a Tutorial on how to do it: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8LRra3qwfCA

I write in MULTIPLE styles, all the time, It’s the only way I’M ever Gonna be Interested in using Limelight, Period. (But, I’m gonna have to go through with it, one day.) It is just like using the other styles, LITERALLY, I just Jumped into INK. Like Classic, I just saw a New way that the Characters were Drawn. HOWEVER There are a FEW MINOR Differences that you should know about.

Everything will say the same, work for each style as if it were just only in that style when it isn’t. Everything should work correctly because I have done it. And it has.

Character Customization: Just for INK & Limelight
Classic has none.

Limelight is the only one that has the Ability to let you input Your profile Character. Sorry!

Classic as far as I know,
The Command: @Char runs offscreen left can only be used with Classic, No matter what.
This is Because it has CLASSIC’S Animation: “running” As it’s Default Animation, And while you can use
“AND CHAR is run_jog”
It WON’T WORK, it will still PRESENT AN error because Surprisingly, the animation is still there. And You might Have to use a Different Command, I’d recommend
@CHAR exits screen left in 0.500 AND CHAR is run_jog”
It Works. And the character moves A lot Faster.

As for spot directing, you know that THING in the Previewer,
That’s called “Directing Helper”
Well, click on that, and you’ll see “Spot Helper” Click on it, and then you’ll be able to spot direct it in the Portal. (In The Previewer) And then RIGHT BELOW THE PREVIEWER IS THIS BOX, THERE IS YOUR CODE, IN THERE, CLICK COPY, THE BUTTON THAT’S JUST BELOW THE BOX, IT THEN IT WILL COPY, AND YOU CAN paste The SPOT Direction in your Script


1!: Story must be in all, or 2 different styles.

2!: INCLUDE THEM, WHETHER MAIN, OR NOT, Although, It may make more of a Difference if The Main Characters Are 2, or 3 Different styles.

3!: You can make a Character turn into a Different Style, But it’s preferred That The Styles are all together cohabiting normally, and that the styles have each it’s OWN And individual Characters.

4!: You must have "All Styles Challenge:"At the Beginning of the name,
EX:“All Styles Challenge: The Mermaid’s Foot” You get it?

I have templates that you all can use to help make your stories here:


Thank you.

Have fun!!! Goodbye!!!
The Due date Is: June the 30th

All Styles Contest Forum:

Story Title:
Story Description:
Styles (Needs to be at least 2):
Published or not:
Author Name:

Just a warning, I’ve heard this is a glitch and if it is every fixed, your story will be deleted/closed because it uses this glitch!


Episode said they do not know what would happen if the glitch was fixed. They cannot guarantee that the stories wouldn’t be affected. That is why I have all my scripts backed up so that if it does happen, I can rewrite the story in one style. The glitch does not work for everyone. I know some people could not get the process to work for them. I will not be entering this contest as I already have my three-style Episode cliche parody in the H&V contest.


Who knows if your story will actual be gone, but this post implies it would be if you use the glitch.
I think it’s clear Episode prefers if we don’t use multiple styles per story.


The glitch no longer works sadly

Moved to Episode Fan Community as this is an Episode-specific post :v:t2:

It might only work for me, as I tried it and it worked. The only difference between these and stories with only one style is that these have no style type on them.


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: