All the male characters keep losing their shorts?

So I noticed this first when I was messing around with my own story and looking at the preview on my phone, but eventually it went away and his clothes appeared again. However, this morning I was reading a story and the male characters were all supposed to be in swim trunks and literally 75% of them were just completely bare. I’m not sure if it’s just my phone or something, but I updated the app just before watching the new episode thinking the issue with my preview was that I hadn’t updated yet, but it only got worse lol

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The story was “Rebounding with Bad” if anyone else has had the same issue? I’m not sure if its just a coincidental thing like maybe the author forgot to give them all pants, but there were some background characters with pants on and she’s not the type of author to do that sort of thing on purpose or by accident lol.

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Sounds like a glitch with the story. You may want to submit a help ticket and let the support team know about this. :smiley: