All those times Karma has been a b*tch

Karmas a real btch. a bigger btch than debra.
Got any stories about the b*tchyness of Karma?
Share em here


Now that I think about it, Karma never came to me. Except I told my sister to clean up for the 5th time and I stubbed my toe.


What, karma should have come for your sister for not cleaning up

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Exactly, I’m always the one cleaning, but I remember this one time, this girl was being mean to me, and she somehow came back to school with a broken leg.

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AHAHAHAHAH bish got what she desevered

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just gonna explain the debra thhing

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The time karma was a bish to me was when i was mean to my brother then sliped and fell face flat… whilist my whole family laughed at me. mad me want to murdur my brother even more

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:joy::joy::joy::joy:, Man that is hilarious, don’t murder me virtually. :disappointed::disappointed:

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why should i, i found it hilarious after 2 days

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when I was in grade 2 I stole my dad’s laptop and gave it away to my best friend in school, then my housekeeper got arrested
I got caught after a week, my friend’s mom found it and brought it to school

a month after that I got stabbed in the stomach with a rusty nail while me and my friends were trying to summon bloody mary


where your parents wanted you to move after that situation


you’re coming too sofoof

nuh uh adoof

karmas gonna git us both for dat


I said to my friend, I want the attention of a boy and him to admire me but have the freedom of when you are single… Later in the day, I got the attention of a boy, he was cute but was super gross a some points (obvious f boi), and I ended up finding out he only texted me bc he had a foot fetish and wanted pics of my feet and that he catfished me…


oh gosh,


Once my mom told me not to buy something I wanted to even I knew there were risks, I mostly wanted to piss her off

A day later I broke my foot.
A week later I triped in the stairs at school because of my broken foot and became a bloody mess.

I learned my lesson lol

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