All You Need To Know About Artwork! [From the POV of an artist themselves]


Hi, guys! My name is Alyssa, but many of you on the Episode Forums know me as Gracie! I noticed around the art community, there are many customers who can sometimes be rude, or some artists who are rather blunt to their clients. Today, I’ve taken the time to give you some tips, tricks, and probably everything you need to know about artwork here on the forums. Let’s jump right into it!

What is artwork?
Artwork is something that someone has created for a person. The artwork can vary into splashes, character edits, profile pictures, covers, art scenes, backgrounds, background edits, and overlays. To be even more specific, we also have Profile Backgrounds and

How can I request artwork of my own?
Personally, there are many threads here in the Art Resources category who can offer you a range of different types of artwork! Soon, I will link some threads down below! (PS, if you’d like your thread here, send a pm, do not post it here.)

What are some tips you would give to people starting out?
I have many, many tips for beginners. We were all beginners at some point, and we all strive to become the best artist we can be. Truly, here are my tips for beginners:

  • Don’t feel discouraged that nobody is requesting at your thread. Most likely, it is probably because they have not seen what you can and cannot do. Don’t let it make you give up!
  • Don’t use the same program for everything. Try mixing things up! Try different programs and see which ones you are the most comfortable with!
  • Do not advertise your own thread on someone else’s. This is just disrespectful and many artists do not like this.
  • If you’re unsure about how your artwork looks, do not hesitate! Go to a feedback thread, most likely the one here! We will try and give you the mos constructive criticism possible!

If you’re in need of knowing what rules you should make, here are the most common ones below:

  1. Make sure the person who has requested art gives you credit. Many artists like @shellyg, @alexa.episode, and @pamelac.stories have been disrespected to which have not been receiving credit, so they have taken down their background drives, and that is totally fine! If you are someone who feels uncomfortable with even making art, watermark it and pm to the person!
  2. Make sure your clients do not take credit of your work! You do not want this happening to yourself!
  3. Make sure your clients are patient. You have a life outside of the forums and it is important you be cautious of your mental health instead of being on here 24/7!

If you guys have any other basic rules, let me know down below!

What are some art programs that I can use?
Well, there are many that I have listed down below:

  • Medibang Paint Pro - Free!
  • Photopea - Free!
  • Pixlr - Free!
  • Sketchbook - Free or Purchasable
  • ibisPaint X - Free!
  • Canva - Free!
  • Procreate - Purchasable
  • PicMonkey - Free!

As a client, what should I do and not do?

  • Be sure to credit the artist that has made your artwork. They have spent time making this for you, and it would be rude not to credit them.
  • Be sure to not be rude to the artist by just telling them you hate it. Politely ask for a redo and what you want on the repolished version.
  • Be patient! Artists have everyday lives outside of the forums and it would be shameful to keep asking them when your artwork will be done.


  • Do not ask over and over when your artwork will be done.
  • Do not tell the artist you hate their work.
  • Do not claim the artwork as your own.
  • Do not ignore crediting the artist.

Other Tips For Artists
Be sure not to advertise your own thread on other inactive ones. @Jeremy or @Sydney_H, the forum moderators, close inactive threads, so there is no need to advertise your own. Also, be sure to not take anyone else’s pieces of artwork.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this topic. I have spent minutes writing it for you all, and I hope it helps you too! If you have any suggestions of which I should add onto the thread or any questions, do not hesitate to ask them down below or hit me up with a pm!


Be sure not to advertise here, everyone. This is for people to have help on their art or ask any questions about art, too. This is an all you need to know thread, not an advertise your thread topic!



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Love this thread! I hope many people will take the time to read what you’ve written.

Agreed. I’ve noticed that this has been occurring frequently and led to some drama as a result. I think if someone wanted to request from your thread/group, they will most likely come to you on their own.

Not exactly a basic rule but I think that artists who are opening up their own threads should create a form for the clients to fill out and consider asking for a password to ensure that they’ve read their rules.

I honestly think that people will be interested in requesting from you if your thread is neat and organized, and if you can provide as many examples as possible of your work. So try to keep all of the necessary information located in your first post, and take the time to include bullet points and drop down arrows. (This also includes proper grammar and spelling lol.)

As for the clients, don’t be rude and don’t rush the artist either. They have their own lives and responsibilities to attend to outside of Episode. So be sure to clearly explain to the artist what your vision is to prevent them from wasting their time and going back to make adjustments too often. This is usually a free service, so they’re not obligated to help you and they also reserve the right to reject your request.

Lastly, do not be discouraged if you receive unfavorable feedback on your artwork. I understand we tend to feel proud over something we’ve worked hard on and looks perfect in our eyes, but you won’t be able to improve if you refuse to consider the constructive criticism others have to offer. People here want to see you improve too. :slightly_smiling_face:


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