All your academic stresses

if this flops, you never saw anything

our break is almost over
Everyone or anyone who is going through stress that relates to school, you have come to the right place.

I’ve seen many people take a break from episode or talk about how they have to prepare for exams

Results are even coming out

-so I’ve created this post to let all your stresses out and show that other people here are going through the same thing !

My current situation-

Basically I’m from newyork so high school admissions or any admissions at all is intense.
When I tried in 7nth grade for a seat in high schools for 9th grade, my gpa wasn’t good enough and I couldn’t pass the admission exams. so u fortunately the Highschool I got into wasn’t that good

Now I’m trying for a 10nth grade seat so I can transfer schools, and that requires not only my gpa but I have to retake the admission tests again and they make it harder because it’s for a 10n th grade seat and their are limited seats for that so more competition

So now I have to study too


Me too. I’m preparing for my degree exams for 3 subjects this weekend so i can’t code my story atm :sweat_smile:


I’m sorry don’t flag my post but like at the beginning, I read it in like those anime narrator voices in my head :joy:

I have no idea of what you’ve been going through!! Tbh my worries are less. I’ve worked my a*s off to get the classes I wanted for the last year of middle school (so I can graduate high school early) but now I have to move and schools are almost starting so I won’t get the classes needed😩

im an overachiever and I may have made this sound like a big deal! I hope you get into the good high school!!

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Hey everyone


I‘m in my third semester in university and I have a write a term paper (which is like a bachelor thesis, just shorter) and prepare for 3 exams :roll_eyes:

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don’t worry, girl! I believe in you!

but dsiufhd i am very stressed too. I am currently writing my college essay, and I am scared it won’t be enough for their standards.
I also have a dialetical journal to write for this fiction book, and a literary analysis for a non fiction book this summer (because my county we do summer reading assignments that get graded once school starts)
and i am stressed that senior year is just not gonna be it for me ://


I’m feeling the exact same way
Did I write this good enough? Can they tell what I mean? Honestly it’s very stressful


bump !

tysm ! I really appreciate it, I wish you the best too ! :sparkles: :two_hearts:

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