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Joshua Summers
“Wait. You have a pet snake? Um, what kind?” He didn’t know if he wanted to tell them this, but he’s terrified of snakes. Something about them freaks him out.


Amethyst Jones
“Dude. Chill. I’m fine.” Amethyst was never one to get mad at someone for a complete accident. “You don’t look so fine though. Is everything okay?” She was starting to get concerned that something may actually be up.


Jake Summers
“I promised my parents I’d take care of him.” He says while looking down. Then he looks back at Tyler. “So, anything in particular you’d like to do first?” He tries to not think about his parents or the accident. It’s still too hard. He thought.


ORP: It’s like a ghost town now.


ORP: Some people may still be sleep.


ORP: True


We walked around but keep seeing doors of classrooms and staircases and a few doors leading to the cafeteria. “Maybe we should just go up the staircase?” I asked looking at the staircase.
“Yeah sure.” Rose said then walked up the staircase. I followed her and soon we reached the floor above where we were.
The words “Dorms Grade 9” was written on a sign. “We’re grade 11 so I think it’s two more floors above this?” We went up again till we reach the floor for grade 11.
“Finally.” I heard Rose saying with relief. We walked to a door with our names below the doorbell and went in.


I shake my head quickly.
After a few moments when breathing is easier I say in a tight voice, “I’m fine”
Him, carry me. That’s a thing. I mean he probably could but like…wow ok.

Grandma Perkins
She writes down everything as it’s being said.
Capping the black pen again she looks back to Valerie.
Smiling she says, “Oh you’d be good at those.”
She places the pen back with the others.
“Is there anything I can help you with before you leave?”
@Grace_Stars ey it’s ok man

“Garter snake, she’s a wild caught one an’ real sweet.” I glanced over at him again, “you like snakes or…?”


Santana :

I laughed, closing my eyes as I splashed into the water. I came back up wiping my face clear and looking over at Jay.

I stopped, the breath was knocked out of my lungs and I had to move to the side of the pool to keep myself from falling.

“Jay…” I whispered, looking down at his stomach. This is why he kept his shirt on.

“Jay, I-“ I turned away, quickly climbing out of the pool and grabbing my towel. I didn’t know how to handle this. I sat on a chair, turned completely away from him, tears slightly sliding down my face. They mixed with the water on my skin, making them barely noticeable.

@lilysmith10 I fell asleep lol sorry

Tharin :

I cleared my throat, nodding.

“You never answered…” I whispered.



“hA HA no, I don’t,” I cough, “I mean, I’m good, ha, yeah”
I shoot him another thumbs up and cough again.
My face is pink. I just choked on my own spit.
That was so smooth.


Looked Dow to see that his cut was reopen. He quickly got out of the pool and took off his shirt. Scrunching Up his shirt and pushed it against his open wound. Looking over at Santana, “hey, you alright?” He walked over to her.

@DandelionKate ORP: it’s fine lol


Tharin :

“I meant about the date.” I said, laughing.


Santana :

“W-What did you do…” I asked, not turning to look at him. “How did-how did you…” I couldn’t think, I closed my eyes tight, not wanting to see it again. There were scars. A lot of them.

Is that what he was doing after class…



“Oh.” Hahahaha I am a mistake.
“Oh, uh, yeah, friends as, we should do,” I felt very aware of what I was saying suddenly.
“wE SHOULD DO IT AS FRIENDS” It still sounds wrong somehow
Death, this is death.


ORP didn’t he say that already?


Tharin :

I nodded, backing away a bit.

“It’s okay…” I said, trying not to laugh at him. “As friends works for me. You don’t need to emphasize it.” I said, chuckling. “You gotta pick a movie. Come on. It’s getting dark.” I said, nodding for him to follow me to my apartment.

I had saved up for years to move away from my mom. Now I was finally getting to stay there.



ORP: no idea but it’s fine lol


I nod and breathe for a second. Then I follow him, “I don’t really uh, watch a lot of movies. What are some good ones?”
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Tharin :

“Um, I’m not sure. I like romance and comedies. I’m kind of a girl when it comes to movies, but I like superhero movies too. You know…guys in tight clothes.” I said, chuckling. “So it’s up to you.” I said, smiling over at him.

“I can make us some popcorn. Get us some drinks.” I said, walking toward the apartment complex.



“Superhero movies sound cool.” I say after thinking for a moment.
I walk behind him and look around.
I then realize that if this was anyone else I would’ve thought about murder. Huh.


His face stayed serious. He wasn’t sure if telling the truth or if lieing would be best. “Is this your first time seeing blood?” He tried to lighten the mood. He knew he had some nasty scars on his body. But in a way he was proud of them, for he knew he was a survivor from his past.

@DandelionKate ORP: damn it looks like pretty boy has a very dark past lol I think I just ruined him just a little bit