Allenwood Academy || RP || Official Thread


Orp fuck ok.


As I walk into the school, I feel the happiness coming back to me. And all the memories. Papa John’s was fun with Lola. I wonder where she is. I look around trying to find her but I can’t see her. I guess it’s time I made some friends. I’m so lonely at school. And out of school. I needed that break. That’s what my mom told me. But I wish I hadn’t left school. I forgot how harsh the real world can be. I take out my notebook and jot some things down. I put it back in my bag and take out my headphones and turn on my favorite song, Sweet But Psycho.

Orp approachable
And I really recommend that song, my friends all say that I’m the she and I don’t entirely disagree



I need to find Sandy. I gotta tell her about Lucky and I. She will freak when I tell her. I start walking around campus to find her.



Orp sorry I’m not gonna rp for now



Kelly Miranda
Walking through the school gates, she loosely held onto the strap of the art satchel hanging off her right shoulder, stopping in the middle of school grounds to stare at the building in front of her. School had started again and she wasn’t looking forward to it.
Unfortunately, she still had a portfolio to finish, which means she had work to do.
Class could wait though!
Slipping out around the back of the school, she sat at the steps of the fire escape, whipping out her sketchbook to softly draw the clearing in front of her.



Valerie skipped through the halls of the school, a big smile stretched across her face. Her winter seaside holiday with her grandparents had been amazing, but then her aunt dragged her back for school since it was starting again. Not that she didn’t really mind the school, as she really didn’t need to do much. She stopped when she reached the notice board, “noticing” that there were some interesting notes tacked up to it.




Orp: feel free to approach Lola if ya want


Orp: Where is Lola?


Orp: walking around campus…


She giggled softly at one of the notes tacked up on the board, before realizing that she probably looked weird, standing there staring at a noticeboard while fiddling with a multicolored ink pen.
Turning around, she walks right into another person.
Blinking, she looks up and realizes it’s Lola, memories flashing past in her head of previous encounters.
“Oh, heeyyy Lola!” she said awkwardly, grinning as well.




“Hey Val! How have you been?”
She smiles at her even though she is sad and wants to cry!



While smiling, she noticed that Lola still looked kind of upset.
She didn’t know whether to delve into it completely, since they did just meet. However…
“So glad you’re here! Umm… can I ask you a favor?” She looked at her somewhat pleadingly.




“Yes of course.”
She said to her with a slight smile again. She wants sure what was going to come next. Should she be scared. Should she worried. Should she run and not look back. Should she stay.



Wait she said yes? Oh great uhh… she hadn’t thought this through very well.
“Yayyy! I knew I could count on you!” Grinning widely I remember something I did actually have to do.
“Sooo we have to go to my dorm… cause I have-a-huge-pile-of-teddybears-that-the-school-said-I-should-put-in-the-storage-closet-because-it’s-a-safety-hazard-or-whatever cough.”
She looked down, slightly embarrassed. “It helped with nightmares, but yeah… there’s too many to move just by myself.” By the time I finish explaining, we are at mine and Junipers dorm room.




“I can help with that.” She smiles to val. Unsure what really is happening. But offers her help still the same.



Opening the door, she gestured to her bed, which already had quite a few teddy bears on it.
Making her way across, she reached a large, dark and wooden cupboard. Valerie pulled at the handles, trying to get it to open.
“So uh… thanks for agreeing to help… gah this thing always jams up!” Tugging sharply, the door opens quickly and a mountain of stuffed toys rained down on her, causing her to fall down.




“Are you okay?”
She smiled and asked her as she as she rushed over to help.




Pandora walks into the the school, looking down. She was wearing… this. Pandora opened her locker, putting her stuff inside and closing her locker, as people stared and whispered about her. She doesn’t care, Pandora puts her headphones on and listens to “Boy In The Bubble.” Pandora put her phone in her pocket, while listening. She sang along quietly, and walked down the halls.

Her dark brown hair gently touched her cheek, making her move the hair. I wish I wasn’t at school.


I am late because I’m busy with school



Oscar Willis

He slinked into the hallway as he scanned it, looking for other students. He wasn’t quite in the mood to talk to anyone except for Reyuto, but he had a feeling he was going to end up doing so anyways. He walked down the hall and to his locker, putting in his combination and swinging the door open. He looked at his nails and checked under them a moment, seeing dried up blood. Guess my nose bled a lot more than I thought.



Amethyst Jones
She walked through the halls and saw a guy she remembered from her drama class. I think his name’s Oscar. “Hey, your name’s Oscar, right?” She asked. New year, new me, and all that other bullshit. She thought. Time to be nice, Amethyst


Oscar Willis

He was taken out of his thoughts when he heard someone speak to him. He looked over and saw Amethyst. “Yeah, it is. You’re Amethyst, right?” He asked with a smile. He took out a book from his locker and a paper fell out. He bent over and picked it up before shoving it back into his locker.



Joshua Summers
As he walked down the hallway, he noticed a girl he’d never seen before. She must be new. She’s wearing a pretty cute scarf. he thought as he walked up to her. He smiled and said “Hey, I like your scarf”