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ORP: There aren’t any spots for new characters available. You can only adopt existing characters.


Attention Staff and Students!

At the end of the week there will be a semi-formal dance. Admission is free. Everyone is invited to attend.


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I’m so so sorry I haven’t been on this roleplay, I’ve been so busy.
I want to be more active on here. Can someone tell me if anything major has happened, and who’s approachable right now?


My character Lola is approachable.


my characters are approachable.



Please proceed to your respective art classes
For the classes that don’t currently have a teacher, the grade 12 students will run the class. (Grade 12s will be bolded)

Visual Art

Tyler Wang - @coolandlazy
Kelly Miranda - @Grace_Stars
Joshua Summers - @Caticorn
Lucy Stoby - @epsd.ama


Oscar Willis - @HermanEpisode
Sebastian Hawthorne - @Coolepisodes
Amethyst Jones - @Caticorn
Roxanne Hearts - @Epi.Sympatics
Rose Hearts - @UltimaW
Pandora Silverleaf - @Coolepisodes
Lola Lockwood - @ChayChay
Reyuto Raamen - @kerubiel
Nikola Bureau - @FinnTheGhost
Valerie Rivera - @Grace_Stars


Giselle Hawthorne - @Coolepisodes
Hannah Park - @coolandlazy


Ms. Ashwood - @ChayChay
Jake Summers - @Caticorn
Beth Van Winkle - @Beth_Episode
Leah Hartley - @Ella
Winter Woods - @bossyroxy411
Russel Bory - @epsd.ama
Zed Langbroek - @FinnTheGhost
Leo Pathern - @Epi.Sympatics
Alex Winter - @phantrash
Juniper Wellington - @coolandlazy


ORP K thanks!



I head to drama class. I didn’t know what to expect today. I took my seat. I thought about Lucky and how much I missed him.



She walked down the the music room smiling happily caring her books
as she got to the door she peeked inside to see if anybody was in there.
As she saw nobody she walked inside and looked around a bit.



Amethyst Jones
I look over at Lola. Poor kid. She looks upset. I walk over to her and put my arm around her shoulders. “Hey, are you okay?” I ask her, sitting down.



“Just missing Lucky more then ever. I mean why would he do this? I don’t understand him. I miss him so much.” She started crying.



Ms Ashwood

“Well hello there. I don’t think I know you. What’s your name?”




“Oh im in grade nine and im Winter Woods!”
She’d reach out her hand smiling


Ms. Ashwood

“Well nice to meet you Winter. Have a seat.” She said while shaking her hand.




“You to!”
She let go of her hand and sat down in a random seat.


Amethyst Jones
I run a hand through her hair. “Lola, you have every reason to be upset right now, but you have to be ready to accept the worst. There is a chance he could come back, but there’s also a chance that he may never come back.”



“I know but I have to have hope. I mean look at you. Your girl came back. There was only one other person I sorta had feelings for.” She admits hoping she doesn’t realize it’s her.




She’d shuffle her feet a little feeling a bit lonley



She walked to Drama class, and sighed, she saw lots of people. Probably the group… She was worried she was late or early, happily she wasn’t any of those. She looked on what she was supposed to do, she sat in one of the front seats in the stages, as she saw that others were there.



He walked into the Drama club, noticing he was supposed to teach everyone. He sighs. He is too shy to do this, but either way… he has to. Sebastian looked at everyone, and looked at his feet. “H-hey guys, so… welcome to the Drama club, I’m guessing were setting up a play or something…” Sebastian says, and looks around. What should I do?

@Caticorn , can I do a play or something In Drama since he is running the class, if so, may I do any play?



She’d play with her hair a little noticing all of the other kids talking and laughing with eachother