Allenwood Academy || RP || Sign Ups (OPEN)


Allenwood Academy

You have successfully auditioned for Allenwood Academy, a prestigious arts academy in Toronto. When you get there, you learn that the school has a shady past, and even shadier students.

So, how do you fit in? Well, the only way to find out is to step through the doors and make the biggest gamble of, or on, your life.



Principal: Mr. Rhodes - @ChayChay
Vice Principal: Ms. Perkins - @FinnTheGhost


Visual Art Teacher: Mr. Lockwood - Adoptable
Dance Teacher: Ms. Baran - Adoptable
Drama Teacher: Ms. Shields - Adoptable
Band Teacher:
Vocal Teacher: Ms. Ashwood - @ChayChay

Grade 12

Male 1: Jake Summers - @Caticorn
Male 2: Sebastian Hawthorne - @Coolepisodes
Male 3: Tyler Wang - @coolandlazy
Male 4: Oscar Jeremy Willis - @HermanEpisode
Male 5: Normandy Lovell - @kerubiel

Female 1: Allisya Greene - Adoptable
Female 2: Giselle Hawthorne - @Coolepisodes
Female 3: Mirthe Dam - Adoptable
Female 4: Eleonora Velasco - Adoptable
Female 5: Kelly Miranda - @Grace_Stars

Grade 11

Male 1: Jay WindLock - Adoptable
Male 2: Leo Pathern - @Epi.Sympatics
Male 3: Tharin Kaanre - Adoptable
Male 4: Zed Langbroek - @FinnTheGhost
Male 5: Daku Kage - Adoptable

Female 1: Amethyst Jones - @Caticorn
Female 2: Roxanne Hearts - @Epi.Sympatics
Female 3: Beth Van Winkle - @Beth_Episode
Female 4: Hannah Park - @coolandlazy
Female 5: Rose Hearts - @UltimaW

Grade 10

Male 1: Joshua Summers - @Caticorn
Male 2: Lucky Ash Blank - Adoptable
Male 3: Thomas Dam - Adoptable
Male 4: Lark Abbot - Adoptable
Male 5: Alex Winter - @phantrash

Female 1: Lola Lockwood - @ChayChay
Female 2: Leah Hartley - @Ella
Female 3: Valintina Rumero - @LEMZI
Female 4: Santana Monroe - Adoptable
Female 5: Alexa - Adoptable

Grade 9

Male 1:
Male 2: Nikola Bureau - @FinnTheGhost
Male 3: Reynarduto “Reyuto” Raamen - @kerubiel
Male 4: Russel Bory - @epsd.ama
Male 5: Layne Bancroft - Adoptable

Female 1: Winter Woods - Adoptable
Female 2: Valerie Rivera - @Grace_Stars
Female 3: Juniper Wellington - @coolandlazy
Female 4: Sandy Walters - @epsd.ama
Female 5: Lucy Stoby - @epsd.ama

*You can have up to 3 characters, at least one has to be the opposite gender
**Make sure to check the availability of spots before you sign up

The RP will start when half the spots in each grade are filled.

Allenwood Academy RP - Info

Allenwood Academy RP - Sign Ups

Allenwood Academy RP - Faceclaims

Allenwood Academy - Official RP Thread

New Ideas Thread [PLEASE READ]

Reserved for 1 or 2 I can’t decide


Okay. Which grade and boy or girl?


10: male

Do you need a teacher?




Reserved also for a female drama teacher!


i’ll reserve for grade 10, female 2


Want to be my friend?


yeah our characters can be friends :slight_smile:
i’ll tell u her name and stuff when i’ve signed up (doing so now)


I’m doing it to! I just need to decide on a fc


i’m trying to decide on a name!


I said you use Mai


Reserve for male voice teacher and female dance teacher sil vous plait if not I will reserve for the female dance teacher and a male 11th grader


You can have up to 3 characters, so if you want the vocal and dance teachers, as well as a grade 11 boy, you can.


Oh no the boy was only if I couldn’t reserve for both teachers, so reserve for a female dance teacher and a male voice teacher then.




@Tellyg47 tell me when your done signing up so that I can make your FC


I’m doing it tomorrow my phone at 1% and I left my charger at home. Sorry


Got it.


Wait, can I reserve for the principal??? Also can I reserve for Band Teacher and Male in Grade 9?