Allenwood Academy || RP || Sign Ups (OPEN)




I wish I could sign up. :frowning:


Actually, there are some spots available. Someone dropped out


Mk!! Can I sign up now? I have 3 characters I wanna add, or 2


The only spots available are a grade 9 guy and the band teacher




Are you still interested


It’s ok, I wanted to add a girl char too. But… idk.


You can either adopt my characters I’m giving them away for good this time :slight_smile:


I also would like to put the female dance teacher, Ms. Baran up for adoption.




Okay, so Ms. Baran is up for adoption and @Coolepisodes is adopting Giselle and Sebastian?


Yeah but, am I allowed to add another char?


Only if the spot is available. What are looking to add


I was gonna add a girl student.


Unfortunately, there are no girl spots available


Im so weird but, I haven’t put anything in the RP thread because, I don’t know what to do… like…there friends etc.


Okay, so Sebastian is a drama student and Giselle is a dance student. They’re twins in grade 12. Sebastian was caught in the middle of the most epic gay soap opera ever and I never really saw much of Giselle. If you want to just make them both approachable, someone who knows the character might approach them.


Okay. lmao.


Also, may I suggest that you look at the original owners posts as the characters to see how they played them.