Allison Styling Boutique! [Open] (Making of outfits and mood boards! and of story covers and art scenes )

Heyyy guys! Welcome to my styling boutique! Honestly I really love making outfits for my characters and if you need some help to create outfits or even episode limelight characters, I can help!
I will be happy to help you guys!
Now let’s establish some


Do not rush me!
I am alone in this boutique and I expect you guys, not to rush us! I will work on my speed!

You need to be respectful and polite while asking for your request

If you take outfit that I designed for you and you haven’t credited me, it will be considered as stealing my work! So please credit me on this forum itself @Alison3

The password is Allison, thank you dear!

I can do both limelight and ink outfits and characters! Please request first!

Look at my outfits


And now for men

And here for kids


Limelight or INK
Quantity of person
Any information I need to know?
Time (whether it is a morning, underwear or afternoon)
For further questions, please ask me!

And if you want me to create a character for you, feel free to ask!
If you don’t want to ask here in public, you can make a private message!


Hey guys, I realised that I can also made Mood Boards, I am still a newbie in it, so it won’t be too much, here are my examples

Here is the form for the moodboard
How many mood boards you need?
Upload some photos so I can use it on the mood board!
How should the grid be, how many photos should there be in the grid
What is the theme, color, style?
And the password?

Here is another person who can make art covers for your stories
These are her creations

And this is her form
Number of characters
Characters details
Characters outfits
Characters size
any extra details

And her ig is @episode_magda

She has the right to deny a request which she finds difficult to make.
She has the right to take her time, you don’t have the right to make her hurry
You all must refer to the form so that she start your request


Can I get 3 outfits please :pray: :heartpulse:


Tattoos no
Piercings no
Style Badass / cool
Limelight or INK Ink
Quantity of person
PasswordAlison, thank you dear
Any information I need to know?
Age? 18
Time (whether it is a morning, underwear or afternoon) can I get 1 pajamas, one fancy going out outfit, and one casual outfit

Note: can it be centered around the colour black, thank you

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So it’s only for one person! So what’s the gender of the person!

Okay! I can do it in black!

I try to do my best!

Can I use dark colours? Like dark blue and othes!

With leggings, she looks like this

And without it, it’s like this

Which one do you want?

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Yeah its just for one person and yes you can use dark colours as well :grin: probably without the leggings

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I’m making outfits for a girl! If it’s not for a female, just tell if it’s for a male or female!

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Okay! Got it!

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Yes a girl tysm :heartbeat:

I finished with your orders! Have a look at them

Black Deep V Dress Short

Black Military Chic Boots
and the preview


Clothes Used


Tube Top

Black Shorts Onesie Bottom


Clothes Used


Plain Swimsuit Bottom

You can also add some slippers to the pyjama outfit
If you don’t like them, just tell me then I make another for you!

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Thank you so muchese are perfect :heartbeat::heartbeat:

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You’re welcome! Credit me on this forum itself! It’s @Alison3
If you need any splashes, you can ask me!

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Tattoos - Nope
Piercings -Nah
Style - Casual
Limelight or INK - INK, male, first likes pink, other likes orange and blue
Quantity of person 2
Password Below
Any information I need to know? Nope
Age? 19
Time (whether it is a morning, underwear or afternoon) Afternoon

(Allison, thank you dear)

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Ok, i do it

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Do you want me to add an ear bug in the first male character?


I am done with your outfits!

Clothes Used


Ripped Punk Pants

Pink Beach Boy Linen Shirt

And that’s the preview

Now the second one!

These are the clothes used
Basic Sneakers (Black)
Large Stitch Jeans (Blue navy)
Polo shirt (Orange)

If you don’t like them, then I am really sorry and if you want me to remake it, I will!
Well for both, it’s the same sneakers!

Sorry for the mistake! It’s the same sneakers!
It’s the Basic Sneakers (Black)!