Allow editing charachters - but what if they are flashback scenes

I would like to let my readers edit the characters (MC and loveinterest…)
But I use some flashback scenes, where you see the characters as Young, and as children…

So how does that Work?

What are the problems I should be aware of when letting readers create own characters.

Any advice?

You’d have to create a separate character for the young version of the customised characters.

Then you’d have to edit the customisation script like this:

@MAINCHARACTER changes eyesColor into Violet
@YOUNGCHARACTER changes eyesColor into Violet

So that every choice they reader may pick, the same customisation happens to the younger version. It’s then up to you to choose what the reader can / cannot customise.
For example:
You may not want them to change the hairstyle, and that is what the difference is between the young and adult character. So you’d leave the @YOUNGCHARACTER out of that part of the script.

Does that make sense?

There is now an easier way to do this. You just need to create one more character f.ex. CHARACTER2. And then you just use this code after the customisation:



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I dont quite understand

Her threads have very good explanations:

Check under To add family members, twins, or duplicate characters to the template: