Allow me to Introduce Myself

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Darius Q. Hunter, a new writer to the community.
I have over 600 reads so far and i just want to say that i have been having a blast with the experience
of being a writer. I have learned that all great writers had to start from the beginning. With that said i will have great patience and thankfulness as i climb the ladder towards being Episodes newest legendary writer. I write a story called REAL TIME With Jeff Meyers and i report and broadcast awareness protocol which means i will give great writers like Joseph Evans, Miss Mj, and more the credit they deserve. and people from all over the world will read about you. Just know if you have more than 8 thousand reads. U could be nominated. I will let you know if you will be featured on my story.
Remember i am a reporter. And a learning author so watch out for me. Ill be known by the entire community one day.




Hello bethanyk14. Nice Meeting you

That sounds like a pretty cool story idea. I hope one day I can be known by the entire community, too :sweat_smile:

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You will Gina, Keep your faith. And thanks

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No problem :rofl:

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