Allowing cussing

How do I get it to allow cuss my words on my episode? Do i just write mature themes and strong languages before the episode starts???

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You are automatically allowed to use cuss words. :wink:

It keeps telling me that its inappropriate and won’t allow me to view my story

Do you write on mobile or in the portal?

Hmm, that’s weird :thinking:


Then I don’t know… maybe @Dara.Amarie knows? She’s smart

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Do you write on desktop/laptop or on the app?


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What does the error say exactly?

it says i have inappropriate content and it wants me to remove or replace the cuss words.

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That’s really strange. I’m on the portal right now and I tested it by entering a curse word, it worked. No error.

The only times you get a message like that is when you’re on mobile creation.

Are you sure it wasn’t a coding error?

Can you take a picture of your error and show me?


can you take a screen shot of the error?


What word did you use maybe its a limit to certain ones. You could always use them differently instead of saying it use like sh*t head or something