Allowing reader to skip to the end of a chapter?


So I’m a perfectionist when it comes to writing and coding… like, to the point that I drive myself insane. :unamused: I’m constantly going back and changing little things, from grammar, to dialogue, to animations, ect. To implement these changes, I’d obviously need to update…

…which means people would be taken to the beginning of the chapter because “new content” has been added. I personally don’t mind rereading episodes, especially if I love the story, but from what I’ve seen on here, rereading seems to be most people’s number one pet peeve, and I get that completely.

My question: should I have choices at the beginning of each chapter that would allow the reader to read/reread it or skip it entirely? Or would that get just as annoying as having to reread?

me, talking to myself: here’s a better idea, dude… give it a rest and stop editing your shit!

Thanks! :revolving_hearts:

Apologies if this is in the wrong category! :sweat:


You can do that if you want to. But it’s really up to you.


I really suggest you do that. Again it’s up to you, Your Story, your choice. I don’t think readers will want to re-read a chapter for grammar/animation mistakes. So unless your actually adding more/new content… I suggest you add that option.

Again it’s all up to you in the end as it is your story.


Yeah, I think I will. It seems like the best option :sweat_smile:


Yes, if you know that there’s a chance that you will update it a lot/ update more than once (which does happen as Episode can end up having more updates with newer animations, clothing, background, etc, and your directing can end up improving, and you want to add in more that you couldn’t do before) you should add a skip option. However, sometimes readers accidentally click on skip, so if you do add a skip option, be sure to ask the reader if they are sure they want to skip, just in case.