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How do you make a character move from one side of the screen to the other side of the screen?

@CHARACTER walks to screen right
@CHARACTER walks to spot % X Y

Wht does X Y stand for?

X - X axis (left/right position of the screen)
Y - Y axis (up/down position of the screen)

More about spot spot directing here:

Walking to spot:

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Thanks (so X means left or right and Y means up or down)

Example: @MC walks to spot 1.222 left down

Yes, but your example is wrong

You’re missing numbers, you can’t use left down. You have to use spot directing to get this numbers.
@MC walks to 0.955 -123 357 (these numbers are position in the screen)

Read the guides made by my friend! I’m sure they’ll help you to understand better :relaxed:

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Thanks, I’ll message you if I have any questions

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Hi, so my problem is whenever I try to preveiw my story on the Save&Prieview button which looks like this:


The music that I put in wont play even on the app or computer.
And I am pretty sure im coded it correctly cause I have no script errors!

music music_spookyaction

hey i have tried the bubble mover and its not really working … i need help moving these choices off her face… when looking at it on the computer it looks great however when i to a test run on my phone it looks like this


Okay, so when some one is customizing their character and choosing their skin tone, how do you make it so the SELFIE FEMALE/MALE overlay matches the skin tone they selected?

thanks so much!!

did you try using @speechbubble reset before it?

no ma’am how would i go about placing it ?

Just put this before the customisation

that worked ! thank you!!

another question how do you get it too remember the cc picks in the next episode/scene?

Once reader will choose the look it will stay the same until you give it another chance to change it or change something yourself.

It’s not working on the Web Preview (just the episode you gave the option to customise)

what about for clothing ? does that also apply?

Yes. The clothing stays the same until you decide to change it or give a dressing game.

It’s also not working on the Web Preview for the next episode your character will be wearing default outfit but if you test it in the app you’ll see that is working just prefectly.

oh ok awesome thank you!

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What type of camera did you use? Im sure it’s a full hd camera.

I’ve seen this in many stories, and I want to know how to code it. I would like to know how would I make the characters sort of “slide” off the screen while the camera is zooming so the character(s) are shown?