Ally's Splash Thread



-Allyy <3


Characters for splashes


Thank you for sending in the pictures, what font would you like?(forgot to add it!)


@JesusLover2.0 I will be making five chapter splashes for you, if you need more, please pm me!


Okay thank you.


@Cindy Your character splashes have been completed! Click the links for your actual sizes. I made two versions of the splash, one with your characters close, and one with your characters far apart. Don’t hesitate to ask for a redo!
Version #1

Version #2


Hey, everybody! We are now closed on character splashes, but regular splashes are still open. The form is still open for character splashes, but they will not be done until I say they will be.
@Bells.C @JesusLover2.0 @Cindy all of your guys’ splashes will be done by next Sunday, I’m pushing a really bad cold. So sorry!



Thank you so much, I hope you get better soon. :blush::two_hearts:


Sorry to bother you but can I have the same thing but different font? @allyy20 Is there a font that is good?


I’ll see. What are you looking for in a font?


Cooper bold for all the requests I made if that is okay. @allyy20


Okay, sounds good.


@Cindy Here are the repolished character splashes. I couldn’t find Cooper Bold, so I just used Copper Bold. :slight_smile:

Version #1

Version #2


@Bells.C I have finished your character splash. Please let me know if I did something wrong! Click the link for the right size! Don’t forget to credit me in your story! :slight_smile:

Character Splash


@Cindy I have finished the rest of your character splashes, versions 1 and 2. Make sure to download from the links for the proper size and to give me credit in your stories.

Version #1

Version #2

Previously on Trails Of Tears
Version #1

Version #2

Thanks for reading
Version #1

Version #2

Follow me on Episode
Version #1

Version #2



My character


@allyy20 Thank you so much that looks amazing. You did everything right. Thank you again. :blush::two_hearts:



Here is my character for my character splash I requested :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!


Hello, everyone! I just wanna ask you guys to be patient for your requests. I am still a student that goes to school and can’t get ahold of my laptop every single day. I only get ahold of my phone, and cannot view google forms from it, so please be patient for you orders…