Almost at 30 reads! 💕

Okay, so you guys are probably SIS, 30 reads? Is this b stupid? well kind of, but anyways I’m a new author and 30 reads is a lot! But i only have 23 soo yahh, ty if you read my story.i really appreciate!

but… if you’re interested here

Title: Unexpected Murder

Author: Angeliciqra

Description: You and your best friend get invited to a Halloween party, but you have mixed emotions when you find out there’s a murderer on the loose. read to find out .

Currently i’m on phone so putting on the link would be quite hard but i’ll put in a picture!

If you decide to read my story (which you should) you should leave fanmail!

Kay love you guys SO freaking muchh :heartbeat::heartbeat:


Aww, congrats girl, you’re doing great :kissing_heart:

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thanks, it means a lottt :heartpulse:

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No problem, shistarrr


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I will give it a read, looks very interesting.