Alot of these episode stories are basically the same


I use to love reading episode stories from the drama and romance sections, but now every story i read is just the same storyline, same character development. Honestly its a bit boring now. Im really starting to hate the bad boy stories.


if you dont like the stories, dont read them. read something that isnt boring to you.


Someone just said the same thing about bad boy stories and its true.




Read Galatic Game by Lucky. It’s in Limelight. It is literally a unique story and very interesting!


Thank you ! I will go and read right now :slight_smile:


Yes! Enjoy! Let me know what you think of it!


you’re right! 3 stories of Lucky’s are perfect and interesting!


Yeah! I’ve only read Galatic Game by him but he is an awesome writer! Definitely doesn’t write your typical bad boy cliche.


I can’t agree more


Yes, a lot of hard work definitely goes into his stories. Did you enjoy reading Galactic Game? If so are you Team Kin or Team Silvio? :see_no_evil:


This story is one of my favorites!
Team Kin~ he’s so sweet~
Actually MC didn’t got much time to be gather with Silvio, Silvio is hot as well~~


How abt u?


Yeah I am Team Kin all the way! He is one hot alien! :blue_heart: And he is super super sweet!