'alphabet story game

its probably unoriginal and someone has already done it but wE neEd MOrE foRuM GamEs 1!!! :tired_face::triumph::rage:

a simple chain game, in alphabetical order comment a story that starts with the corresponding letter for example. “E is for Envy” that’s literally it ! happy playing <3 (please keep this thread alive AHAH)

"A is for Adrenaline by Evil Ebonni"


You might have placed this thread in the wrong category. This is the ‘Story Games and Role Playing’ category. Your thread should probably go in the ‘Forum Games’ section.

whoops ! thank you

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all sorts of a books (: the threads flopping so AHHA

C is for Clueless an Episode Original

Dirty Little Secrets

Promotion and/or advertising of another game on the forums is not allowed. So I certainly hope note :astonished:

E for [The] Ember Effect

F is for Faking Death by S Langdon