Alphabetical game - Forum names


So… we have 2 threads with female names and male names, but I think we don’t have this one yet. Let me know if I’m wrong.

This is a game where you have to state the names of our forumers in Episode Forums.

The rules are pretty simple:

-The names have to be in the aplhabetical order, 1 person writes a name that starts with the letter A, the second one writes a name that starts with B and so on…
-The names are not random, they have to be the names of our dear forumers. Tag them as well.
-One person can only post once and wait until another has posted after them to post again.
*Please use the names of the forumers that you’ve actually met here or that you have seen or heard around. Don’t use random forumer’s names that start with the needed letter.


1st person posts: A is for @AS007
2nd person: B is for @Brooklyn_writes


A is for @AS007

** Please don’t tag @WinterMoon05 , @oorgeloop and @Venise , thanks!


B is for @Brooklyn_writes


C is for @Caroly.episode … why me

Btw I love your pfp!


D is for @Drama_Queer

BTW, thanks! :two_hearts:


E for @EmiliaClark


F for @Efee.N


G is for @Grace_Stars :unicorn:


H is for @HermanEpisode

@AS007 how dare u awaken me >:(


I is for @imaginarywinter


J is for @jandii.


K is for @KMepi


L is for @Littlefeets


:roll_eyes: ??


:no_mouth: ?
It’s just a game.


M is for @MadisonW


N is for @natasha.episodex


O is for @Owertym


P for @Purple_Ghost


Q for @QualaEpisode


R is for @RudeInception