Also want to know if it’s worth for commissions?

Hello! I have started doing art not extremely long ago and here are some community examples! I’ve got my first commission so I just want to know some opinions to make it fully fully official on my ig​:blush: (also u can add prices that you would pay, I’m from eu so I want to know if I should continue taking commissions or take more time into practicing as I can’t do commissions for 3$ of full body art :sweat_smile:)



Omg they are so good💗

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Omg thx​:sob::heart:

From what I experienced, you can definitely do paid commission! Because artists will never fully reach a satisfied level which makes it difficult to determine when our art is worth paying. But since it takes time, I recommend you commission your art! :revolving_hearts: Thatt way, you practice, and you offer a affordable art piece to others:)) Because in my opinion, a $3 portrait is no different than free. I mean that $3 is nothing for a drawing :smiley: Btw your art is stunning!
Hope it helped!


Btw my first prices for Episode commission was like $5 maybe or $15 for full body and here was the drawing style at that moment hahah

This was an episode commission. I don’t think my art was entirely ready for paid commissions, but you know, as I said we take time to make these.

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Thank you!

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Your art style is just so chefs kiss like I’m insanely jealous and wish I could pay you for a piece! :blob_hearts: :blob_sun:

What’s your IG? I’d love to follow you on there! :cat_typing:


Means so much! It’s @ama_episode_

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Your art is much more advanced than some others that I’ve seen, therefore $3 is much too cheap.

Your lines are neat, facial features are accurate and I’ve seen people sell art that is less advanced than this, for a bit more than you currently charge. So in all honestly, it seems like you’re seriously undervaluing your own work.

At the level you’re at currently, I’d price it similar to: :point_down:t3:

Headshot $5 [+ $3 for every additional character.]
Bust up $7 [+ $5 for every additional character.]
Waist up/Half body $10 [+ $8 for every additional character.]
Full body $15 [+ $12 for every additional character.]

That way you’re actually making money for the time and effort you put in. Then you can increase your prices as your art continues to advance. :blush: :blush:


Thank you so much for the honesty! And yes I will make prices a bit more expensive like you said and will be charging around the price you’ve mention as I see that it’s sort of a standard thing for a beginner artists :heart:

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Oh wow looks like I already follow you aha! & your so welcome! :blob_hearts:

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