ALT name change

is there a way where i can change one name all at once through the script to another character name? i just dont want to have to got through whole script replacing each name

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  1. Highlight the name in your script.
  2. Press ctrl + F on your keyboard (cmmd + F for macs)
  3. A box will pop up, click on ALL
  4. Then type in the new character name in all caps

You will have to go to your characters.
Then you will see the DISPLAY

NAME here.
Then, change that. Save it and BOOM. But you will have to still use the old name when scripting. SO like I had Catalina and I changed it to Liza I would still use:
Then on your scripts change the Talking bubble’s that use the old name and highlight one of the old names, press Ctrl + F and if you are on a Mac it would be cmmd + F and Select “All” on the box that should pop up, and change it to the new name.
Like if this helped!

massive help, thank you

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