Alternate Ways of Customization

Are there other ways of customization? I hate all of the choices in the templates.

What do you mean, Hate the choices in the customization template?

there is kind

thought you would have to make it yourself (both art and script) well unleash you wanna pay for this one

I hate that there are so many choices that you have to click. And I’d rather do something simpler.

You could always not do the cc.

That’s super awesome but that would be a lot of overlays!

Like do you want it limited?

No I just don’t like how there are so many choices to get full Customization and would rather have it a different way, like with overlays.

You can let them go to character avatar which is so much easier do you want to know how?


Watch on YouTube Joseph Evan letting character customize the self’s it’s so easy

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@CHARACTER goes to character avatar

Clean and simple.


You can use @CHARACTER goes to character avatar

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