Alternative to RAIN effect's layering


OK. So for one of my scenes (check below) I really wanted to put the rain effect, but needed it to be layered. Weather effects currently can’t be layered (at least that’s the info I got from my search). Problem solved this way:

How it looks

I uploaded the same rain overlay 3 times, like RAIN1 RAIN2 RAIN3 (whatever).

Rain overlay

Code used

EXT. PH SIGN - NIGHT with RAIN1 to 1.000 -56 524 with RAIN2 to 1.000 -56 524 with RAIN3 to 1.000 -56 524
&overlay RAIN1 shifts to -689 -671 in 1.5 THEN overlay RAIN1 shifts to -56 524 in 0 loop INFINITE times
@pause for 0.75
&overlay RAIN2 shifts to -689 -671 in 1.5 THEN overlay RAIN2 shifts to -56 524 in 0 loop INFINITE times
@pause for 0.75
&overlay RAIN3 shifts to -689 -671 in 1.5 THEN overlay RAIN3 shifts to -56 524 in 0 loop INFINITE times

  1. Well layer them how you need them.

Rain turns out sorta heavy and windy. Same thing can be done with snow. If you want your rain to be less heavy, I guess you could make shifting time longer.


P.S. If you switch tabs in your browser, and then go back to the writing portal tab, it will get messy, but it’s just a glitch. It works

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Thanks. Very helpful.


Ahh you’re a genius!


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If RAIN is an overlay (didn’t check), there’s no need to download it and upload it again 3 times. In that time you could have approved more important overlays.

Just make duplicates from existing ones.


I know, but when u copy them, u have to perform a lot of steps to make these duplicates visible. I prefer to upload them few times. Episode approves them simultaneously if i uploaded them at the same time


That must have been your lucky day if everything was approved at once :smiley:


Overlays get approval really fast actually. Backgrounds is a different story…


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