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Hello! I’m Alya.

If you need any help with anything please ask me and I will try my best to answer!

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Hello ,
I am Sicy. First, it’s really nice of you to offer your help !

Well, I am currently writting a story and i would like to use the Baseball Bat prop inside.
But i have noticed that it doesn’t appear anymore in the Props Library and it doesn’t show on my laptop and my phone either when I preview it.
On the otherside, the behaviour (idle_hold_baseballbat) still works.
Is it a glitch or does Episode remove it and we are now enable to use it ?



I still see it in my desktop:
Ink: Baseball Bat
Limelight: Baseball Bat Wood
Maybe try a different browser?


Well, correction: it indeed appears in the Props Library but it doesn’t show on the preview (laptop and phone).
Maybe my commands are incorrect ?

@X starts idle_hold_baseballbat
@add Baseball Bat to X


It seems fine to me… try adding the prop in before the behavior
But that’s just me being persnickety


nope … it didn’t work as well.
Could that be a bug ?


Possibly, and it’s not showing up as an error on your script?


Hey, I honestly think it might be a glitch because it does work on mine. I think that you should maybe wait a few days and if it still does not work and you really want to use it then I would contact episode.
Like rudeinception said, does it pop up as an error in your script?

-Alya :blush:


No it doesn’t pop up as an error.
Well, it has been almost one week that i put this animation in my script but still not showing up :confused:
Well, it must be coming from me since it works for you >_<.
Anyway, thank you for your answers :smiley: and i will wait a bit more before contacting Episode.


I’m sorry I could not help! Good luck!

-Alya :blush:


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: