Alyssa's Art Camp! [JOIN NOW!]

Hey, hey! My name is Alyssa, you’ve probably seen me around the category. I just enjoy helping people out by making art, it’s one of my passions. Sometimes I dislike it, but I always end up going back. As said before, I enjoy helping people out, which is why I have decided to make an art camp!

The camp lasts for three weeks. At the art camp, you will be taught how to make simple types of artwork, nothing too complex, or, you can receive feedback on what you need!

This art camp is to help all of us artists out there improve together side by side!

You will be taught how to use new programs and how to make splashes, profile pictures, covers, and more.

Unfortunately, I do not know how to make character edits, so that class is not included.

Wanna join? Here is the application form! I do hope you join!

NOTE: You only have to be active at least once a week!


We will be starting if at least 5-6 people sign up.

I will sigh up

just signed up!

did it

Signed up!


@HalleyBerry, @Mimi0829, @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE, @Jordan101, and @AngelinaTheUnicorn

You have all been accepted into Alyssa’s Art Camp!


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I was already going to make something similar to this. Can I still make mine?

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Of course! You’re free to do whatever you’d like!


Haha thank you. :two_hearts:



I filled out the application form!

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I just wanted everybody to know…

This is not an art camp for character edits or drawing, as I have no ability of this.

But, when would you all like to start?

  • Next Week
  • In Two Weeks
  • In Three Weeks

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@HalleyBerry @Mimi0829 @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE @Jordan101 @AngelinaTheUnicorn @brinn @episode.emma


Not to be annoying🙂 Just wanted to know if this camp is still active thanks!

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It is, but I’m waiting on everybody else’s examples.

We can’t move forward until I see.

I sign!