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Hi! I sent you a message on Instagram, my username is @rohitstories.


My story is called Silent Killer. I have pretty much finished episodes 1-3, but I feel like the first two are a bit short and need some more smoother transitions. I plan on adding an art scene to Episode 2 and revamping episode 1, but episode 3 is final. Please take a look and let me know if you like it! I will dm you the share link on Instagram.


Story Title: Stardust to Infinity
Story Genre: Romance/Drama/Comedy
Author: MissMayI
Author IG: Missmayi.episode
Published: Yes!
Chapters: 6 (More coming!)
Story Description: Freedom is like music to Scarlett’s ears, but will meeting one Irishmen change everything? Will the stars align, or will they burn out?
Story Cover: 62712194d56e1ce306f1f03abc59b0b0a6d157ab_1_362x499
Other Information: First chapter is very short, but the rest are rather long! The story is also based around Mental Health Awareness.


Title: Teacher or Queen?
Author: Mystique (instagram: mystique_episode)
Genre: drama
Published: yes
Chapters: 13
Description: After years of searching she had finally found them. Can she get close to them?
Her destiny is about to change forever. What will she choose - who will she become?
Sorry for the bad quality of the cover - I am on mým phone and I don’t have a better picture.

Other: my story is made to have the first three chapters as an introduction. These chapters leads to chapter 4 where much of the first confusion (which is made on purpose) is explained and offers a new perspective on the story.


Story Title: Year 2200
Story Genre: fantasy
Author: Cheryl Anne
Author IG: deju_designs
Published: yes
Chapters: 7 currently
Story Desscription: When you keep waking up from the same nightmare every night, and your family has a dark secret, you realize you may not be 100% human anymore.
Story Cover:

Other Information: Currently writing chapter 8!


This is my first story and i know some things need to improve…but not sure if anything else needs to improve…hope you can help you out…!!!

Name : Enlace or Realm
Author : Future XXX (episode name: Tammy b)
Author insta : @episode_21_future_x_x_x_

Published : YES

Style : Ink (LL out soon)
Type : Fantasy / Romance
Status : Ongoing (7 episodes so far)…
Description in the pic

Cover of the story for now :

Other information : Working on other stories…!!!