Alyssa's Pastel Art Shop! [NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS!]


Hello, hello! My name is Alyssa, and I’m so glad you’ve come to the Grand Opening of my new Pastel Art Shop! Did you wanna request something? Well, no problem! First, I gotta take you through some sections of my shop, then you’ll be able to request right away! :blush:

Welcome to the first section of the shop! I planned this out, so don’t worry, you’re in perfectly good hands! I know you’d wanna see some of my talented work before requesting, so, I’ve set up a gallery for you to admire my hardwork. Enjoy the view!

Splash Examples



Cover Examples


Profile Picture Examples


Character Edit Examples


Come along now, I know you’re stunned with how amazing my artwork is, but we gotta move onto the shop’s most important area!

Ah, finally, we’ve made it to the most important part of the whole store. Welcome to the library, you’re definitely wondering why I have a library in my shop. Well, that’s because each book in this library is a rule of my art shop. Anyways, I’m still going over every single rule.

  1. Please, give credit to me wherever you use the artwork I have created or edited for you. There have been many incidents before in the past due to the fact that people would not give credit. It is simple to do, so please, do as I ask, because that’s all I want.
  2. Please do not request from several threads. I do not wanna spend time making a request when it will not be used. I will be checking your forum activity just to make sure you have not requested the piece of artwork anywhere else.
  3. If you are requesting, please make sure you will be using my artwork. As said in rule #2, I do not wanna waste time making something that will not be used.
  4. If you want your request to be done quicker, please send me a screenshot of your character doing the animation you want. This will make it so much easier for me!
  5. You are allowed to request however you want, but, please, make sure you make it detailed. I want it to be clear for me so I can get it to your expectations!
  6. If you are an artist and see I am inactive, do not advertise your own thread here. I will let my clients know of my inactivity.
  7. The shop will close as soon as ten spots are filled. Be sure to request while you can!
  8. All requests are done in numerical order. Please be patient!

Now that you’ve seen just about everything I can do, whatcha waiting for? Request now!

Overlay Sharing Thread
Feedback Needed For Art Thread

Wait I’m confused… which thread do I requests Gracie’s 2.0 or this new one you’ve made?


The new one right here, because Sydney has left it open for me to see @gisellec’s feedback on her splash. :slight_smile:




I’m sincerely confused haha :sweat_smile:


Hit me up with a pm and I can send you the splash you requested a while back! :blush:


i want a cover please


Please be more specific! :slight_smile:


FOUND IT!! Thank you so so much!! I was wondering where that went :sweat_smile::joy:


Hey! I’ve never made an art request, so forgive me if I somehow do something wrong. I’d be forever grateful if you could make me a small cover! Credit will absolutely be given :two_hearts:
Here are the details.


Story title: From This Day Forward
Story description: After your disastrous wedding day, you decide to start fresh: new city, new you, no drama- or so you hoped. Will you say “I do” to the chaos or leave it at the altar? CC
Story genre: It’s a drama with romantic themes… if that makes any sense.
Background: I was thinking this one (If you feel like something else would work better, follow your intuition!)

Characters: Maybe I’m really stupid, but I’m a little confused on this. Should I screenshot what they look like, or do I need to just list their details? Do you want me to PM you the info or just list it here?
Animations: See above lol
Effects: I have the same background that I listed above with a few filters (I assume that’s what you mean by effects?) on it if you’d like to look at it for reference. Here:

Extra details: None that I can think of! I’d just like it to be eyecatching and wedding-ish.
Specific font: I would looooove something like this one with a black “shadow” behind it if possible!

There’s no rush with this, so take as much time as you need! I would also completely understand if you rejected this request.

Thank you so much!


Hey, for the background, do you have the original size of it because it looks resized. I wanna make it best quality possible! Also, feel free to hit me up with a pm with all of the characters’ details if that’s what’s most comfortable for you! :slight_smile:

As for the effects, they are like smoke, shattered glass, etc!

But I can do the filter for you if you’d like!

Once we discuss all this information, I’ll accept your request!


Story Title: Secret Agent
Story Description: So the MC finds out that her crush is going to ask her to be his girlfriend and he does but then this person comes in and she is like if you choose him you’ll have to kill your parents and if you choose your parents kill your crush. She tries travelling but stops the plane, she tries to run until her last choice is… to join this crew which is taking down this person!
Story Genre: Action
Background: Hacked Screen
Characters: Mia - Skin : Tan or Caramel, Eye’s Upturned Bold, Eye Colour, Green. Lips, Classic, Cherry Red. Face Shape, Soft Heart. Clothes - Secret Agent Clothes (black) She is holding a gun. Black Dark - Skin - Tan, Eye’s Upturned Feline. Eye Colour, Black. Lips, Classic, Bordeaux. Face Shape, Soft Heart. Clothes - A Mask, And Skeleton Costume. Lucas - Skin Light, Eye’s Normal, Eye Colour, Blue, Lips, Classic, Blush. Face Shape, Normal.
Clothes - High School Boy (not uniform)
Animations: Mia - idle_hold_gun. Black Dark -idle_arms_crossed_angry. Lucas - talk_afraid
Extra Details: Mia is on the left and Lucas on the right and Black Dark In The Middle.
Specific Font (optional!): The Nornal Font You Use.


And I kind want a small cover and big cover please!


For Black, I may not make her wear a costume, just so I can get your request done quickly. I’ll see what I can do to get it fit as much as possible.

Thank you so much for requesting, it has been accepted! :heart:!

I will try and get this done by the end of today because you did not give any specific clothing items, just themes!


Background You Want: Car seat
Extra Details: black leather car seats/ front and back




Before I begin, how many zones did you want?




Okay, thank you! :sparkling_heart:


Here’s the original size without any filters.


If you could somehow brighten it up a smidge, that’d be perfect :sparkling_heart:

PMing you now!