Alyssa's Pastel Art Shop: The Revamp! [Closed!]

Hello, hello! Welcome to the Grand Opening of Alyssa’s Pastel Art Shop! Before, I told myself I was gonna shut out the art community and just stop making art in general for a few months, but then, I thought and thought, and I found a solution for me to stay back into the community! I have improved a bit since I last made art. You’ll have to see how much I’ve improved later on.

Were you looking to request something from the shop? Great! Before you do, have a look at some of our rules and conditions.


IMG-2662_15x15 Please don’t request something that requires me to digitally draw. I have no skill whatsoever in that category, so please don’t do that to me.
IMG-2662_15x15 If you’re another artist and you see I’ve been inactive or my thread is currently closed, do not tell or ask people if you can do the artwork for them! I will notify my clients if I am going to be inactive, and if I am closed, they can go to you if they want it from you. Do not force yourself!
IMG-2662_15x15 If you reply onto the topic with something that I find rude or offensive, do not flag your response, delete it. On my previous thread, I didn’t like seeing flagged responses when I asked them to delete it, so do not be like them.
IMG-2662_15x15 Do not try and claim the artwork as yours. I am against artwork theft, and I watermark each and every one of my artwork. My examples may be easy to crop out the watermarks, but I have a new watermark, and you won’t be able to crop it out.
IMG-2662_15x15 Please refrain from asking what programs I use. This lessens my motivation, and it may stop me from making artwork.
IMG-2662_15x15 If you are another artist on the forums, please don’t give me any feedback. I wanna learn and improve on my own.
Thank you for reading the rules, the password is moonlight.


IMG-2662_15x15 Be sure you have not requested what I am going to make you. I do not wanna waste my time making artwork somebody won’t use. Even if you are going to use both my and somebody else’s work, I will still not make it for you. (I will be checking if you have requested somewhere else, so don’t even try.)
IMG-2662_15x15 Please be patient as I make your artwork! I have a life to live, and I’m currently on summer vacation, so I’m spending summer working for you guys.
IMG-2662_15x15 If you don’t like what I made you, you are allowed to ask for a redo once. If you still do not like what I have made you, you’ll have to request again.
IMG-2662_15x15 When requesting, you must use the request form I have provided for you, otherwise your request will be rejected.
IMG-2662_15x15 If I make artwork for you, you must credit me using @epi.alyssaa at the beginning or end of your story.
IMG-2662_15x15 When requesting, you must fill out every single question asked on the request form. I have made these requests forms so I can efficiently get what you want done and you can also get what you have pictured.
IMG-2662_15x15 When requesting, be sure to include the password that is listed on the set of rules.
IMG-2662_15x15 If you wanna see examples, you’ll have to ask for them. I’ve made many request threads before, and I’m sure many have seen my artwork before.

Were you looking forward to request? No worries! Use the Request Forms down below!

Splash Request Form

Icons (optional):
Character’s Details (optional):
Extra Details:
For Your Personal Use or For Everyone’s Use:

Cover Request Form

Story Title:
Story Description:
Effects (optional):
Character’s Details:
Contour (yes or no):
Extra Details:

Background Request Form

Background You’d Like:
Extra Details:
For Your Personal Use or For Everyone’s Use:

Overlay Request Form

Overlay You’d Like:
Extra Details:
For Your Personal Use or For Everyone’s Use:

PFP Request Form

Character Details:
Contour (yes or no):
Outline (if so, what color):
Extra Details:

If you do not wanna copy and paste, check out my website, there you can request splashes, PFPs, and covers! Here is the link!

Were you wondering how many requests we’ve done? When I’ll get to your request? An estimate of when your request will be done? No worries! Check out all of the things down below!

Requests Completed - None.

Waiting List

imageTake note that orders with checkmarks have been completed.


  1. @Penny2 - Waiting for an IG Splash
  2. @abbyc - Waiting for a Sound Splash
  3. @Mimi0829 - Waiting for a PFP

Thank you so much for checking out our page! Be sure to request your artwork today!

Can you please make me a profile picture? If so, here are the details

Background: Polka Dots
Character Details: skin tone:Neutral 3
Hair: Medium Curly Solid, Black
Eye: Female Generic, gray
Eyebrow: Arched Natural, Black
Face shape, Heart Soft
Nose: Round Button Upturned
Mouth: Full Heart, Peach Matte
Contour (yes or no): Yes
Outline (if so, what color):
Animation: Smile
Extra Details:

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Can I see examples

Could I have a few banners?

Of course, you can just tell me what you’d like, since I don’t have a specific request form for that.




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I have a question, is the splash request ‘To Be Contined’ backgrounds?

What do you use?

Your artwork is really amazing.

Thank you so much!

As for the backgrounds, you just tell me what background you’d like whether you give me a picture or a description.

It says in my rules that you refrain from asking me on what I use.

Can I have a “Follow me at___” Splash?
My instagram is rosegoldring.episode!
The background can be any!

Hello, hello! I appreciate you requesting, but unfortunately, your request has been declined.

The reason why is because you must use the request forms I have provided and give me the password.

The password is at the end of where you read my rules, so you must do that to be able to request!

Sadly I don’t need any artwork, but I gotta say your artwork is very good!


Password: Moonlight

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Text: For updates and sneak peeks, follow me at Rosegoldring.Episode on instagram!
Icons (optional): None
Character’s Details (optional): None
Extra Details: None
For Your Personal Use or For Everyone’s Use: For my story

Thank you so much for requesting! I’ll get started soon!

Hi I wanted to request a splash but I had a quick question, in the form for a splash it said “icons” I was just wondering what you meant exactly by icons?

Icons are like music notes, headphones, the Instagram Logo, a caution sign, etc.

Missing the password, do you know what it is?