Alyssa's Text Overlay Shop!

Hi, my name is Alyssa. I haven’t made a topic in the art community for a while, but, I’ve just got into making my own text overlays, and it’s super fun to make them.

If you need some text overlays or any overlays relating to text (like words on a brush stroke or any BG), I’m your girl!

Just fill out the form, and I can get it to you in up to ten minutes or even an hour. :slight_smile:

Request Form:
Specific Font:
Other Details

Have a great day!


Text: Thank You For Reading
BG(optional): red and grey,or any background you like to use.
Specific Font: gothic
Other Details: nah

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So you wanted like what kind of background?

A brush stroke, square, or nothing?

try brush stroke


Okay, I’ll have that done shortly.

Hey! Can I request please?

Here are the details:
Text: Celebrity Hearybreak :broken_heart:
BG(optional): It’s an overlay
Specific Font: Joined neat handwriting (lol, idk my fonts)
Other Details: Written in blood with a gun next to it please :slightly_smiling_face:


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If you want it with a gun, that’d be a splash, which I do not do. Did you just want the text overlays?

Yes please :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have to go now because it’s late. So I’ll be back tomorrow :grin::joy:

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Do you have examples of your work? I like to see what I can expect if I get one. Thx.

I do have examples, but they are personalized for my story only, so I don’t wanna share those. I’ll finish up my latest requests and you can see what to expect from there.

Okay thx.

text: Crave Trouble
BG: i don’t know exactly, you can choose anything you like based on the story’s name.
specific font: Jabjai
other detalis: the background should be a little blurred, and the text should be in the middle.