Am I allowed to ask for someones help on a cover for a work outside of Episode and not get flagged?

I’m not sure if this is allowed.


I know. I’m an amateur.

But am I allowed to ask someone for help making a cover for outside work (let’s say w…a…t…t…p…a…d)
I’m not promoting my story I just suck at covers please don’t delete this post or anything

I just want answers. Also, I’m confused… Can I? And if so, does anyone want to help? I once tried to edit and somehow photoshopped the MC’s eyes off.
Also, have a nice day. :slight_smile:


ahh im not sure…

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Thanks anywho!

I mean I wouldn’t suggest trying it but idk the actual rules of it so-

I don’t think this is allowed here.

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I think it’s allowed.It has been a long time I haven’t checked the art shops but I have seen artist on this platform who previously made covers for watpad stories but now they are also making covers for episodians too.You just need to find an artist who agrees on her work to be used outside the platform.


You cannot use Episode characters (INK or Limelight) on story covers of non-episode stories. The story art needs to be in an art style that is different from Episode (cartoon, realistic etc)

I would recommend searching for artists for your non-episode story on Instagram instead of the forums. You can even see examples of their works there.


Okay, would anyone like to help me?

And sorry. I don’t have an Instagram. :frowning:

Closed: Please refer to the post above (and marked as the solution) by @lazy_donut . Thanks :v: