Am I allowed to create an Episode based off the book if the author has given me permission?



I was just wondering if I would be allowed to create an Episode Story based off a book if the author has given explicit permission to do so?


I think that should be okay. You should check with episode to double check though.


I would email Epsiode and provide them with proof of copyright permission if you’re going to write the story word for word according to the book.


^^ what @RudeInception said, you should double check with Episode and make sure that they have proof before starting on it and publishing it.


Well Episode paid for the rights to those characters. So they also had to get copyright permission.


I recommend having the permission documented from the author in case of legal issues popping up. That way you’ll be clear of any trouble. :slight_smile:


you should be able to do the story, with or without the permission, but if you have any doubts just e-mail episode or the author and make sure is ok.