Am I allowed to have 2 characters in a non-sexual shower scene with censor bars?

Hey guys, I can’t seem to find an answer to this sort of question anywhere. I wrote a scene with my 2 characters (married couple) together in a shower. There’s nothing sexual about the scene, they’re just having a conversation. I added censor bars, but… is that still allowed? Or do I have to make them wear bathing suits?

My internet provider blocks me from messaging the Support Desk for some unknown reason :upside_down_face:

Edit: I kept the scene in and my story was approved! Thanks everyone!


Idk if the guidelines above help you at all or not but here you go (:


I’ve seen a story show a character flshing their nde b*tt in a story before so if that hasn’t been reported then I doubt yours would be reported but to stay on the safe side, maybe put them in swimsuits just to be cautious (:

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well I seen a bathtub scene with two people, if that was allowed I dont know why it wouldnt, though maybe that was just not reported yet

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I know, I’ve just come to learn Episode is a bit finicky when drawing the line between sex scenes and non-sex scenes. I’m worried the double nudity will cause problems.

Thanks though :slight_smile:

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Truthfully I do not know. I’ve seen some people say they were urged to have their characters dressed and others have had no problems with it.

But considering the wording of the guidelines, I’d add it. And if it turns out to not be allowed after all, you’d probably get notified at some point.


Yeah, I’m torn. I think I’ll keep it in and see what happens… I guess it’ll depend on the perspective of the person reviewing my story if/when that happens. The characters don’t kiss or touch at all so I’ll be annoyed if it’s deemed “nudity in a sexual context” lol


I don’t think there’d be a problem about that. I would add it that scene. :blush:

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