Am I ALLOWED to put this in my story?


So I’m writing a story and In the first scene There’s a main character that is A black African american and he’s dating a Caucasian girl but the dad doesn’t like the daughter’s boyfriend because of his colour and he says all of this stuff like ‘‘You shouldn’t be with those types of people’’ ‘‘they’re not right’’ Am I allowed to put this in my story? Because I want to address some important topics such as racism,gender etc in my story that can intrigue readers not basic topics like ‘‘oo Who will i go to prom with’’ or ‘‘I have a crush on brody but I don’t know what to do.’’

So Am I allowed to talk about this in my story?


Yeah there’s plenty of people that do that.


@Toriblack Get an answer to your question? :slight_smile:


Yeah you can close it now.


That’s weird how this is exactly how my story is. :thinking:


I’m reading your story and I LOVE IT :heart_eyes: it’s honestly the same at my school there’s so much racism to the point I hear a black joke everyday.


wow that’s crazy. they’re lucky I don’t attend that school. :rage::rage:


btw tysm :heartbeat:


:joy: no problem. And thanks it’s hard but I have my best friend and my mom also talks to me as well.


What’s your story name called it sounds interesting


Not out yet ; i’ll pm you when it’s released . should be out today :wave:t5::princess:t5:


when it’s done, please tell me the title of it, i 100% want to read this :fairy: