Am i allowed to reference Romeo and Juliet/Shakespearean plays?

Sorry if i put this in the wrong category. I didnt know what would fit best for this question. I have read through the Episode content guidelines multiple times, but i still cannot figure out if it is acceptable to reference Shakespearean plays like Romeo and Juilet. In my story, the school the MC goes to is putting on a performance of Romeo and Juliet, but now i’m wondering if its even allowed or not :frowning: Anyone know?

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It’s allowed since it’s public domain. (:
“It is true that most plays and musicals written before 1920 (Shakespeare or Gilbert & Sullivan, for example) are in the Public Domain, which means that they may be produced without payment of royalties . However, this refers only to the original script.”


Oh perfect! As always, thank you :sweat_smile:

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Lmaoooo yes there’s is a featured story that’s a modern day Romeo and Juliet :joy:

I just wanted to be safe. I plan on including direct lines from the play and direct character names so i thought there was a chance that could break content guidelines. I also don’t usually pay much attention to featured stories.

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