Am I allowed to upload backgrounds from video games?

I found the perfect background but idk if im allowed to use it

Only one way to find out :wink:
Just upload and see if it gets approved or send a support ticket.

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It is highly unlikely a backdrop used in a video game does not have any protection against reuse. I have not personally checked, but I imagine most are. Maybe a low income indie game might use CC0 materials, but a company like Bethesda is not going to allow reuse commercially.

I am hardly a lawyer, but also be aware it isn’t actually Episode’s responsibility to catch illegal usage, it’s the user’s. That little checkbox is legal protection for them against someone uploading something they shouldn’t. They do try to catch anything suspicious, but they are actually protected if they miss something… and you are not. They are mostly looking for violations of their terms.

Your best bet, honestly, is when in doubt just find something else. Or possibly ask around here under resources and ask if anyone can create the backdrop you need. :slight_smile:

I actually have a few ‘free to use’ backdrops on my website if you would like, just for future reference. Good luck!


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Please refer to Episodes Copyright Policy regarding the use of other people or companies content.


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