Am i doing something wrong.Please help :/

I’m trying to make my character smaller as she is a kid but when i use the spot directing helper and then copying it into the coding but it keeps her the original character size.I’ll upload a photo if it helps.Thank you to anyone who helps :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Can you upload a pic of your code?

upload a photo of your script & your previewer and i’ll take a look.

Sure :slight_smile:

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Ok :smile:

ok ive added it to the post if it helps

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I’m pretty sure the spot number is too high. Try to replace the first number of the spot.

just added it to the post :blush:

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oh ok ill try changing it.Thank you

Is it Trinity or Nia?

nia x

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Change the first number to a lower one.

The issue is that you’re using the command “@character enters from left to screen left”
if you want your character to be a consistent size you’ll have to start her off as the size that you want her to be. Code your character down to the size you want her to be and then place her offscreen on the left. So instead your script should look something like this,

@CHARACTER spot xxx xx
@CHARACTER walks to spot xxx xx in zone 1 in 3

@CHARACTER walks to spot xxx xx in zone 1 in 3 THIS IS THE SPOT YOU WANT HER TO END UP IN

let me know if you’re confused & you need further help :heartpulse:

@Vividly @lazy_donut sorry for the late reply.Thank you so much for your help :smile: