Am I doing something wrong with the transition?

Everytime I put a transition, the screen fades, and its brought back up to the same screen it transitioned from, and then the NEW setting pops up. Am I doing anything wrong?! This is how I typed it:

** LAYLA (think_rubchin)**
** (This is comfy! I’ll go check on Leon.)**

@transition fade in black 2



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Maybe try?
@transition fade in black
@pause for 2

Instead of fade in try fade out instead.

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Oh my god. That helped. It works now. Thank you so so much! I wish you all the best with your stories! :slight_smile:

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Thank you. It works now!

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That didn’t work. It paused on th same screen for 2. But thanks for your help anyway. I wish you all the best for you future Episode stories!

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No problem! :relaxed:

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These transitions are placed in two different locations. Whenever you finish a scene and want it to fade out, at the end of the scene you write:

@transition fade out 1
@transition iris out 1

But whenever you want to use a transition to begin a scene. First you need to have EVERYTHING ready. What I mean by everything:
Character locations, which way they are facing, what they are doing, etc

And they have to be with # not @ . Once that’s out of the way, you can write:

@transition fade in 1
@transition iris in 1

Etc, etc.

Hope this helps :two_hearts:

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