Am I Fit for a Writing Partner?!

I’ve been scripting on Episode ever since I learned how to script in the summer of 2016 I believe. I’m okay at coding, I’ve been getting better at using overlays recently, but what I mostly have problems with, is storytelling, I am a good writer, but not so great at screen play writing. I mostly write short stories in my free time, and I’ve never written a successful screen play. Not to mention, I never have any good ideas in mind. When it comes to Episode, I can’t commit to the stories I have planned out because I don’t think they’re good enough or I loose interest. I’ve been thinking about having a writing partner for quite sometime now, just never got to it.

So, should I look for a writing partner, or am I too much trouble for another person? :confused:


It’s up to you whether you want to find a writing partner, but if you can’t come up with ideas on your own and you really want to publish a story, go for it.

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Thanks for the kind respond, will keep in mind.

The good thing about a partner I would think is one of you can write the basics plot, twists and characters. The other could code and both could go over editing. Anything is possible.

I kinda have the same problem, visual storytelling is HARD and it’s also hard to develop a plot that is worth committing to and spending time on writing. I guess the pros with having a writing partner is that you could discuss ideas and plots with them, and when one maybe runs out of ideas and don’t feel like continuing the story the other one maybe could continue with fresh ideas. The cons might be that you have to cooperate and decide stuff together, so if you’re picky with how you want your story to come out then you might want to write on your own.

I definetly don’t think that you are too much trouble! I guess people that do want a writing people also has their flaws, and if you find someone that complements on the skills you are lacking then I don’t think there will be a problem.

What kind of stories do you like? What do you find important in a story?
I might be looking for a writing partner too, but if I’m going to work with someone for a longer period of time it has to be someone that values and appreciates the same things in a story as I do so that we can cooperate. If you want I can send you examples of things I’ve written, and in case you would want me as a writing partner I would love to see what you’ve written too :grin: :two_hearts:

Can I PM you?

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Of course!

I definitely don’t think you are too much trouble! If you want to work on a story with someone, then you should! :sparkling_heart:

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