Am I Improving?


Don’t mind me. Just trying to get recognized for THE AMAZING progress I’ve made.
I haven’t been doing digital art for long… but LEMME tell you. IVE MADE PROGRESS.

Just look!

First Digital Art I’ve Done





Sixth: latest I’ve done


I’d say I’ve made most progress with hair, noses, and mouths.


You have, but all of them is cute as heck


Idk, it’s hard to tell when your first is as perfect as your latest :star_struck: But yes, the improvement is noticeable! You’re extremely talented!


oh wow, even from the beginning they look great.

you can see an improvement though, mostly in the shading.
the first ones lighting looks a bit odd, but as you progressed, you fixed that immediately.

they’re all really gorgeous !! :sparkles::two_hearts:


the last one is soo good tbh


i love your self confidence wow :joy:

and you made so much progress!! that one was your first? like first ever?.. you’re amazing wow.


You’ve actually improved.
If you just look more closely you can tell.
But, the first art you did was still amazing.


They look amazing!