Am i the only getting this error?!


This is literally the reason why I have NOT updated my story because my preview keeps saying “Assertion failed” blah blah, and yes, i’ve tried reloading my tab, i’ve turned off my computer, everything and it won’t work. How exactly am i supposed to write when I cant even preview what im writing? :? anyways, am i the only one getting this? lol.


I get that a lot too I have not publish my story yet. The way i fix it is by copying and pasting INT. BLACK- NIGHT from a new chapter that already has it. Hope this helps


It’s not the background that’s the issue though, I get it no matter what. It’s highly irritating me and interfering with my writing.


Have you try skipping lines between the dialogue. Hope you can overcome this,


I haven’t gotten anything like it.
I’d suggest sending in a support ticket, if nothing else has worked.

Also, just a tip in general, if you want to pause for more than one second, you can just do -
@pause for #
Unless you’re doing the other way for a purpose, in which, I apologize, and carry on.


yes, i’ve tried that. & thanks. I went on the hidden mode of google chrome (incognito) and it’s working okay. I still submitted a ticket though. & wow @thesoulpunk :sob::sob: thanks so much! I never knew that! i’ll start implementing that in my story now.


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it’s fine @Ryan please close :slight_smile: